December 19

This Is How SMS And Phonecall Scammers Toy With Their Victims

Actually, in normal situations, telephone fraud may not be very effective in trapping potential victims. However, in certain conditions, it is not impossible that potential victims who had always been vigilant eventually were fooled. An expert says, what was even more terrible was when the perpetrators of the crime had done profiling of the target victims first. Aside from that, if you really want to find out and catch the scammer, we recommend you to hire a certified private investigator.

“For example, the perpetrators know the profile of potential victims such as names, family members, professions, habits, home addresses to the friendly environment,” said Chairman of the CISSReC cybersecurity research institute (Communication & Information Systems Security Research Center).

So in one situation, the perpetrator can easily trick the victim by playing with the psychological side of the victim.

For example, the offender suddenly contacted the victim and disguised himself as a friend of the victim. Perpetrators will usually ask for help or borrow money with a certain nominal.

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