December 14

Swimming Can Destroy Teeth

Often we do not realize if the daily activities that we do can result in damage to the teeth.
One of the hobbies that we often encounter but can destroy teeth is swimming.
Therefore, we must visit the dentist West columbia sc so often, that we can continue to do our hobbies without worrying.

In a study conducted in the United States in 1986 of 747 swimming athletes, 39 percent experienced tooth erosion.
The results of the measurement of pH level of pond water showed a value of 2.7 which is certainly far below the recommended level of 7.2 to 7.8.
As we know the acidity of the liquid (pH) has a range of values from 0 to 14, with a score of 0 very acidic (acidic) and a score of 14 very alkaline (alkaline).
In professional swimmers who are exposed daily to this pool water, this very low pH level will have a negative effect on the enamel layer.
This acidic water will “corrode” the surface of the tooth (corrosive) without the conscious swimmer’s awareness.
Besides that, this low pH level causes chlorine which is affixed in the pond (to kill germs in water) to be dissipated, so the effectiveness of the disinfection decreases.
As a result the chriptosporidium and giardia bacteria will thrive in water.

These precautions include not immediately brushing your teeth after eating acidic foods or drinks, because at that time the email condition was ‘softened’.
Give a gap of about one hour, then we brush our teeth. Gargling with water can be done to rinse the acid.
In fact our saliva is a buffer to neutralize the acid, but if the quantity of this acid is enough, this saliva does not have enough time to restore normal pH levels in the mouth.
Another prevention is to try to drink fruit drink or fruit juice with a straw to reduce acid exposure on the tooth surface and do not drink while ‘gargle-mouth’ (swishing).
Reduce consumption of soft drinks (canned drinks) as your lifestyle. Check the pH level of pond water if you are a regular swimmer.
Before brushing your teeth you can gargle with fluoride solution. And do not brush your teeth too strong and use a toothbrush with soft brush.

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