December 9

Here Are Some Decks For Card Magic That You Must Know

Card magic can be confirmed Requires a deck of cards, which contains 52 cards. This Magic covers various types of game styles. From Guessing the choice of the viewer card to removing the card from empty hands continuously. Additionally, if you want to hire a professional magician for parties, we suggest you hire the most trusted magician London.

The card itself has been created by many manufacturers of equipment and magic gimmicks throughout the world until very many in number. And with different functions:

FORCING DECK: This deck, aimed at forcing the audience to choose a card that was actually chosen by the magician before it. Forcing Deck uses the same number of cards with a ratio of 5: 1 card in 1 deck. which means, in a number of times the magician shuffles his card, the card is chosen by the audience only 1 time there was an error in choosing a card.

ONE WAY FORCE: Deck This is the same as the previous Forcing Deck. It’s just that, in one deck, 100% the same card. This deck is commonly used to produce gimmicks, or it is used to create new gimmicks by professional card magicians.

BLANK FACE / BLANK BACK DECK: Like the One Way Force Deck, this card is intended to produce a Gimmick or make a New Gimmick. It can even be used directly for card games directly. This card shape, Does not Have a picture or type of card as is commonly printed on the general public. Blank Blank position of this card, in accordance with needs. The plain face, or the plain back.

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