December 16

Caring for Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture built of many materials, starting from plastic, rattan, wood, even iron. The existence of furniture such as sofas and small tables will make your garden or patio become more comfortable. But, from a variety of outdoor furniture, rattan material is a very fitting choice, because this material looks very united with the theme of nature. You can find various other furniture by visiting italian furniture. The weakness is in endurance. With a tropical climate and increasingly uncertain rain, you must be very clever to care for rattan furniture at home. All you have to do is:

– Clean regularly
Immediately clean if exposed to food or drink spills. Clean the rattan furniture in your house at least once a week.

– Use a plastic cover
During the rainy season, use a cover of a parachute or large plastic. If you have time, enter the furniture into the warehouse when not in use. But do not get too humid.

– Protect the legs
Install rubber shields on the legs of the tables, chairs, and rattan sofas. The foot is most easily damaged because of rubbing when shifted-slide.

– Repainting
If you see a scratch mark and the color is faded, you can paint it again. But, use linseed oil as a base coating. Linseed oil plays a role to prevent damage to rattan furniture.

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