December 12

Before Being Rejected While Boarding An Aircraft Due To Illness, Know These procedures

Actually, when there is a sick procedure that must be done before flying, even this has been regulated in the law regarding flight procedures using planes when sick and also those who use gel cushion for wheelchair.

1. Openness about medical history
WHO recommends that when or before booking a flight, the openness of passengers to the disease is very necessary.

Even if you have obtained medical permission to fly, it is better to ask again or check information on the airline’s website that will be boarded.

Passengers are honestly advised to try to share their medical history with airport officials or airlines before flying using the aircraft. The goal is that airlines can anticipate carrying medical equipment as needed in accordance with the passenger medical history. It also helps when something happens during a flight.

If during a sudden flight sick, there is no need to panic because it is advised to immediately press the help button so that flight attendants immediately arrive. After that, passengers need to explain in detail about complaints of illness experienced. Thus, the cabin crew can help deal with passengers who are sick.

2. Carry medical equipment in the airplane
There are some tools that are allowed to be carried during the flight as long as notified before making the trip.
Sometimes passengers also need a Health Check. This letter contains a medical statement from a designated doctor or flight surgeon. This letter is useful to ensure that the equipment carried will not interfere with aircraft navigation and communication systems.

For some medical devices, passengers are also required to turn it off during the flight because it can disrupt the system on the plane.

• Portable aids, this is useful for passengers who have hearing and need special assistance during the trip.

• Pacemakers, approval of this device for some flights are not required. Moreover, it can not provide electricity supply during the flight. It’s good to provide at least 150% of the travel time.

• CPAP engine, in some types of flight the use of this tool is not permitted to sit in the outside row.

• Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC), when carrying this tool it is expected that the size can be adjusted and can be placed under the passenger seat. At least the passenger must also ensure the battery during the trip.

• Wheelchairs, for this tool there are those who provide this assistive service as passenger mobility. Some airlines have requests for wheelchairs.

If you want to bring the above medical equipment please notify in advance when booking flight tickets.

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