November 26

Avoid Hot Temperature Rooms To Prevent The Reproduction Of Bed Bugs

The hot atmosphere is definitely not pleasant especially when we find it in the bedroom. Especially if we find bed bugs in the room. We certainly can not sleep well and are busy to regulate the temperature of the room to stay cold. Bed bugs cannot survive long if they do not get hot temperatures, that is why we need to be sure if our room is cold. If we still find bed bug Hawaii in the room, like we have to call the midges to clean our room.

There is an easy way if we don’t have AC in the room but we still want to have a cold room. During the day, we can avoid heat entering the room by lowering blinds, curtains or curtains, in addition to closing the window to isolate the room from heat. Wet the room floor with water before going to bed. In this way, we can reduce the temperature at home a few degrees.

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