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What to Look for From The Future of Internet Marketing



Today, approximately fifty percent of site traffic is taken from organic search results and search engines have been utilized by individuals of many areas of the world when it comes to fulfilling their business needs. Though people have used social networking sites in promoting their offerings, these websites may only be dependable when it comes to second opinions and comments about a specific product or service. In the internet world, searching for offerings can be still be efficiently done with the aid of search engines. Below are potential trends which are associated with the future of online marketing.
Search Engine Optimization or SEO
The online world will still be conquered by websites that own relevant and fresh links and also content, but there may be more personalized, and area-specific search results. These days, search engines have been paying attention to publication date, geo-location, mobile device browsers, media content and also previous behavior. Social Search and real-time search are new developments that Google introduced. There should be more detailed, relevant and also customized content which publishers will give so that search engines will get it indexed. Thus, generating leads in the internet marketing industry can be possible by analyzing keywords, content, and links in local content, mobile sites as well as social networking.
Email Marketing
There is also a bright future for e-mail marketing since social networking has been incorporated by email providers together with email. The online world has launched Google Buzz, an excellent addition to Gmail social functions to make a buzz. This network can be brought to the surface by Google buzz by instantly setting up a user to follow anybody who he chats with and sends an email message to most of the time. That enables the simple and comfortable use of sharing an experience which abundantly incorporates links, movies and also pictures. With this, it has also become simpler to share privately or publicly.
Pay-Per-Click or Paid Search
Paid search marketing is intended to get quick site traffic and visibility on the first page of search results for defined key phrases. People are anticipated to visit related ads as search engines have always been the main way to get information. Also, the fee for the PPC will still be fair. PPC systems can make use of mobile technology offering the ultimate advantage. Big timers in the internet industry will not mind spending cash to run PPC campaigns once they continue to acquire great returns.
Social Media Networking
Today, a lot of people are too focused on social networking, therefore, investing wisely in such media could be a great decision. A search engine giant like Google is already focusing on social network sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter and it indexes them in search results. This emergence of social media networking is just the first level before it will finally evolve. Over time, social networking websites will integrate features such as Wiki and RSS and also more interactivity through Web 2.0. Therefore, social media networking will greatly affect the future of online marketing.
Mobile Marketing
Mobile marketing comprises practices that let businesses communicate with their prospective customers interactively with the use of mobile network or device. Today, many people who use handsets such as Android phones and iPhones enjoy mobile business capabilities which offer a good space for mobility and web convergence. The present trend in online marketing is the introduction of mobile solutions such as mobile application development, mobile e-mail marketing, mobile messaging, area-specific marketing and mobile websites that are all provided at reasonable prices. The development of mobile phones has also given way to the beginning of channels including online sale collateral, digital couponing, SM and mobile pages.
Online Videos
Utilizing online videos is vital because of its interactivity feature that significantly impacts users. With such videos, users can simply share them at a low cost. As YouTube has begun to become a good and easy way to produce steady website traffic, online marketers can invest on video marketing.
New and well-known bloggers will continue to get the most of the blogging according to internet marketing consultant experts. Every website can post fresh, and high-quality articles periodically as search engines are likely to get such content indexed. Therefore, it’s possible to convert leads to customers by creating top quality blogs and content. Also, many big article directories will request the submission of top quality and unique content, and they are willing to compensate their members with enhanced credibility, more sales and also increased traffic.

The Importance of Seo in The Age of Self-Directed Buyers

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Contrary to what many people think, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is actually a marketing discipline. It focuses on improving visibility in organic non-paid search engine results by encompassing both technical and creative elements of your website. At the end of a successful SEO campaign, you would have improved your website’s ranking, increased traffic to it and expanded the search engines’ awareness about your website.


When there are of numerous ways of generating traffic, why should you concentrate mainly on search engines? The major commercial search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo! drive the majority of web traffic since they act as the primary tools of navigation for internet users. The traffic thus generated is unique owing to the fact that it is targeted. It consists of people who are actually looking for what you offer. Failing to be found by the search engines thus makes you miss out on unbelievable opportunities of potential customers visiting your site.
Thus, search engines have become an important link in the web traffic world and have the capacity to make or break a business. Since the internet is increasingly becoming competitive, they require a little help from your website to find it and rank it properly. Embracing proper SEO techniques in your website will certainly help the engines find it without working too hard.


Such proper SEO techniques require hard work to identify and implement. You should understand that as easy as it may sound, SEO is a double edged sword which you should handle very carefully. Whereas a correct SEO campaign can increase organic traffic to your business site by n-fold and help it to achieve high rankings, a wrong one can bury your website under tons of traffic where visibility is a bare minimum.


Your decision on whether you want to be found or want to be buried should drive your need for an external SEO consultant. While you can do SEO for yourself, engaging an expert consultant has its own advantages. Approaching the entire process as a multi-year program to reap real benefits and very good ROIs is practically possible only when you engage a trained specialist for the job.


Choose a professional who can handle both technical and creative aspects of the campaign so that he himself can perform all the online marketing activities and appropriate web designing services together. Select an expert who has a good experience, knows what he is doing, provides excellent service, runs a transparent campaign to make sure you are aware of what is happening and is passionate about what he does and about his clients. Engaging such a proficient consultant will result in a stress-free SEO campaign for you. I recommend MRC SEO Consulting

In today’s world, the abundance of information that is readily available on the internet has led to the increase of a new breed of self-directed buyers who have changed the buying process. Previously businesses relied on finding customers through active marketing. Now the focus is on being found by clients. They are also realizing the importance of building continuous relationships with their customers. You can achieve all this for your business only when you have a successful SEO roadmap and let a professional consultant run it for you.

Top SEO Tips for 2016

SEO is an ever-evolving field. Search engine algorithms keep changing constantly and hence marketers need to stay on their toes at all times. Check out these top SEO tips for 2016.

SEO Tips

1) Focus on making your website ‘sticky’: Earlier, SEO was all about exact keywords and getting people to click on your site. Today, it is what happens after the click that matters the most. Search engines are analyzing how people interact with your website. Do they get what they were looking for? Do they return to the results page immediately? How high is your bounce rate? How much time are visitors spending on your website? Are they looking at more than one page? In order to earn favor with the search engines, you must satisfy user intent. Focus on delivering original, unique and tangible solutions to user queries. Understand your audience and strive for positive engagement.

2) Go Mobile: In 2015, for the first time in history, more searches were made through mobile devices than desktops. This trend will continue in 2016 and also in the coming years. If you are even remotely serious about your online business venture, optimize your website for mobile devices. If your website takes time to load on a mobile device; or if visitors have to keep zooming in and out constantly; they will eventually get frustrated and go back to the results page and look for something else. Depending upon the size of your business, you should also consider developing an app. Once a user downloads your app, it is almost a guarantee of repeat business.

3) Rich Answers is the way to go: You may have noticed that of late, snippets of information are being featured above all the organic search results. As of yet, google is providing rich answers for only about 20% of queries. However, this number is bound to go up in future. So how to get into the elusive rich answers box? Well, according to a study published by the Stone Temple Consulting Firm, writing a clear, relevant title and proper formatting is of utmost importance. Obviously, you need to rank very well for the query. Include unique images where possible. As mentioned earlier, algorithms keep changing and hence there is no set method to crack the rich answers box. You just have to focus on providing the best content/solution. Google should perceive your website as an authoritative source of information. It should trust you enough to feature you as a rich answer. Before writing content, check out the top results for that particular keyword. Now make your content more interesting, easier to understand, more valuable and better formatted than the top results. There is simply no substitute for providing true value. For a more detailed explanation about rich answers, go to https://www.stonetemple.com/the-growth-of-rich-answers-in-googles-search-results/ .

4) Make your website more interactive: People love to voice their opinions and smartphones are the best device for this purpose. Make sure that your website has a comments section. Quizzes and surveys are also great for driving user engagement. Ask thought provoking questions, ask people for advice, tell them to relate their experiences.

5) Size Does Matter: Longer articles are receiving more traffic. Google wants to direct people to web pages that will completely satisfy their query. Hence, 300 word articles with superficial information will just not cut it. Aim for longer articles – 1200 to 1500 words is a good range. Your articles should talk about all aspects of the query – they should be detailed but not overly complicated. Make your content easier to read by using sub-headings and lists.

6) Videos: Most people prefer watching videos to reading plain text. Videos are more entertaining and easier to understand. For example: It is easier to follow a certain recipe once you have watched a video of it than just reading the instructions.

For those of you that are looking for help finding an agency to do it for you, I understand the challenges you are facing completely. You need someone who knows what they are doing and can deliver results. At the end of the day you need to work with talent that can deliver a great ROI.

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Now that you are equipped with the latest SEO tips for 2016, go out and make a killing!